Beth Shalom Rules and Regulations


(1) No work shall be done on Saturday or any Jewish holiday. 

(2) Only Israelites shall purchase graves. 

(3) No lot or grave shall be used for any other purpose than as a place of burial for Israelites or their immediate family. 

(4) No two interments shall be made in the same grave. 

(5) Service Charges are non-refundable.

(6)  No permit for the erection of tombstone or marker shall be issued until all indebtedness is paid in full. 

(7) No enclosure of any kind, whether it be boxes, sides, wooden headboards, marble monuments, fences, hedges or coping around lot(s) or grave(s) are permitted. 

(8) No photographs, non-Jewish symbols/ quotes shall be permitted on any monument. 

(9) No more than one family monument shall be erected upon any one single lot. Head or foot markers are permissible. 

(9A) The owner of each grave lot shall have the right to erect thereon any proper monuments made of  granite all of which shall be properly set in masonry to be as follows: the size for a single grave to be not more than 2ft. 6 inches long in the width of the grave and not thicker than 1 ft. 6 inches and a double grave not more than 5ft. 6 inches long in the width of the 2 graves and 1 ft. 8 inches thick. The cost of permit for erection of a tombstone shall be paid by the Monument Company.

(10) Forty percent (40%) of the cost of the grave(s) must accompany the signing of this agreement.

Balance to be paid in full before the end of a 12 month period. The foundation of monuments shall be as follows: up to 2 ft. 4 inches, 3 ft. deep; from 2 ft. 6 inches to 2 ft. 10 inches, 4 ft. deep; from 3 ft. and up shall be 5 ft. deep all monuments above 3 ft. in height shall be not less than 5 ft. deep, irrespective of the width of the monument. 

(11)  Any work to be done on the cemetery, such as beautifying graves, shall be done through the Cemetery only. 

(12)  No transfer of title to any lot or grave to be made shall hereafter be permitted on the records, without first having the written approval of the Board of Directors. If for any valid reason the Board of Directors refuses to transfer title to any lot the cemetery shall reimburse the owner the full amount of the purchase price, less the monies paid into the Perpetual Care Fund. 

(13)  In case of death of an owner of a lot, immediate notice shall be sent to the Cemetery, giving the name of heirs, and in case the lot has been disposed of by will, a transcript of the clause attested should be filed at the main office of the Cemetery. 

(14)  No disinterred shall be made for removal of remains outside of the Cemetery or for reinterpret in any part of the Cemetery without an order first being obtained from the Board of Directors. 

(15)  An interment once properly made cannot be disturbed, except upon the written order of the original owner or owners of the lots and by consent of the Board of Directors. 

(16)  When a grave is granted for the burial of a poor deceased Israelite, and thereafter the family or friends desire to erect a tombstone, no permit shall be granted until the minimum charge of $100.00 for the grave and the burial expense is paid in full. 

(17)  When a lot of four (4) graves is purchased by two (2) families jointly, the entire amount of the total purchase price must be paid in full before a permit for erection of any monument or marker will be issued. 

(18)  The purchase, acquisition, exchange, removal of remains, and all other matters pertaining to all graves, lots and common areas shall at all times be subject to the governed by the rules and regulations of the cemeteries and the By-Laws of the Beth Shalom Cemetery then in effect and as may be amended from time to time. 

(19)  In the event any purchaser of a burial lot(s) or grave site(s) desires to relinquish and surrender said lot(s) or grave site(s) upon the written approval of the Board of Directors, the Cemetery may at its discretion purchase said lot(s) and grave site(s) at the purchase price paid by owner, less amount of the Perpetual Care monies paid into the Perpetual Care Fund.

(20) After a period of seventy-five years since the last recorded activity on a burial site and after a reasonable search for heirs and beneficiaries, the burial site shall be abandoned and the right of ownership in the burial site shall revert to the cemetery.